Billy McSwain
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In less than two years, Billy had exceeded his corporate income which took him 30 years to build by 4 or 5 times.* “Helping others find the same freedom is a great feeling; it’s hope people are looking for and with Vemma, it comes in this great product,” Billy says.

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Today, Billy is in total control of his future and he loves what he’s doing. Billy’s success has caught the attention of his now grown daughter, Kristy. After seeing a Facebook photo which prompted her to say, “Dad what are you doing? Tell me what you’re doing!”

Kristy McSwain

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Billy feels his traumatic experience has made him wiser and more compassionate.

"I don't wish what happened to me to happen to anybody. But if it has, or if you fear it could happen because no job is safe in this economy, let my story serve as encouragement that there is always hope available with VEMMA. Because if I can make it, I know you can to."

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"In addition to the many financial benefits, I have met the nicest people and have gained new friendships that would've never been possible in my previous life. I am so grateful to John D. and Ronni Phillips for caring enough to enroll me and Tom and Bethany Alkazin for their continuing support, dedication, and leadership. And I thank my family for their continued support.
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