My name is Billy McSwain…

and it feels like it was just yesterday when I hit rock bottom. Before I got fired from my job, I had been a faithful and hard-worker with one of the world’s top beer brands. My work-ethic propelled me through the ranks to brand manager, having started out at the bottom, as a truck driver. When I started, at the age of just 21, I was a high-roller, making 3X the national salary average. I bought my parents a home at 22, then bought myself a home a year later. I drove a Corvette, got married and we had two beautiful daughters.

Billy McSwain speaking

I had it all!

Fast-forward 29 years and that American dream I was living drifted way off course into the deep-end of an American nightmare. I was working 65 to 70 hours a week, my wife divorced me, I was dead broke and left to raise our two beautiful daughters by myself…whom I was desperate to provide the very best for. At the age of 21, I was a bright-eyed young man full of dreams and ambition. The long years under my boss’s thumb, without the freedom to do what I wanted or see much of my daughters, or the money to really get ahead turned my flame into the slightest little flicker of hope.

It All Hit the Fan

As low as my life was by 2006, it was about to get much worse. One day I was called into the board room, which was unusual, and the two owners of the company, the human resource person and the president of the company were all present.They fired me in the board room that day. Single parent…broke…jobless…middle aged…afraid.
The look of fear in the eyes of my beautiful daughter as I told her that I had been fired still give me goose bumps to this day. We were all afraid I’d lose our home.

Plan B

My financial advisor and friend introduced me this new product and said this could be a good financial opportunity just seven months before I was fired. My daughters and I both tried the product and, amazingly, our energy levels, clarity of mind, ability to get more done in the day without the shakes and jitters you get from caffeine and sugar-rich stimulants were off the charts. We had never felt so healthy and well as when we started using this breakthrough natural product.

The impact of this product on my health and that of my daughters was so immediate and lasting that I was quickly convinced everyone should know about it.

I learned more about the company that offered a marketing and compensation model that made building substantial financial freedom possible, sooner instead of later! I committed to hosting my first home event with 6 folks. At the time I planned on promotions of this product being “Plan B,” definitely not my main thing.
So nervous I couldn’t even properly introduce the company presenter, all 6 friends bought that night. When I got fired, I was stuck grappling with an uncertain future and the need to provide for my family.
Since I was already earning a part-time income with the company within just seven months of being with the company at the time of my firing, I burned all possible bridges and hit the ground running and still haven’t looked back!


I have a business motto that I live by and I think will serve you, “Find your passion, Dream Big, Set a Goal, Get Focused, Go Into Action and Be Persistent!” Using nothing more than this motto and the power of the company’s product line and compensation model, I surpassed the income I made from my corporate job which took me 30 years to build by 4-5 times in less than 24 months! Now, my income is over 8 times higher what it was at the height of my 30-year corporate career, I work half the hours I once worked and I’m no longer worried about losing the house…I own two!

What About You?

Do you want more for your life than you have now? It doesn’t take money to make money…I’m living proof of that. It doesn’t take big connections, supermodel look, Einstein smarts or any of that. It DOES take just two critical things though… You only need a BURNING DESIRE to succeed and the RIGHT Opportunity. The burning desire part is something you either have or you don’t. I can’t give that to you. However, I promise you this…if you bring the burning desire, I’ve got the right opportunity for you! Great products, simple marketing, great company and a compensation program that puts money in your pocket fast, often, and consistently. That’s what I want to share with you today.

Take the Next Step

At this point, you’ve read my story, now it’s time to write your hero-story. All you have to do is to the next simple step. It’s absolutely painless and I don’t bite. Just schedule a free and quick call with me and I’ll share more about how you can start making serious extra cash fast, fast, fast! I’ll show you a path to replacing your income in the next 12 months by joining the most supportive, fast-growing teams you’ll ever witness. If you like everything you see, you’re more than welcome to take the next step. If not, it will have been great to meet you. Ask anyone who’s achieved massive success. We’ve all had major failures, setbacks and roadblocks. I look forward to sharing more about mine with you and how I bounced back stronger than ever and we’re building something you can’t afford to miss out on!

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“Work this business like your life depends on it because it may one day”
-Billy McSwain